Dental Bridge Costs Dominican Republic.

Affordable Dental Bridge in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


The costs of a dental bridge in our dental clinic are US$900, this is the price for a 3 unit(3 teeth) Porcelain Fuse to Metal or PFM  Bridge.There are no hidden fees, the only possible extra cost would be when a post, build up or root canal is needed. Our dental bridges are made with high-quality materials imported from the USA, we have done more than two thousands dental bridges in our 11 years dental career, these bridges can last for decades.

Here some pictures of the work we make with dental bridges and visit our Photo Gallery of  Dental Cases.

Dental Bridge Costs - Dominican Dentist

Dental Bridge Costs Dominican Republic

Dental Bridge - Dr.Florentino - Dominican Dentist


Porcelain Dental Bridge PFM