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Affordable dentist just 2 hour flight from Tampa, Florida

Out of Florida DentistThe Best Dentist out of Fort Tampa, Florida, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants Dentistry, we are dental professionals providing affordable dentistry, dental tourism, for those who can’t afford expensive dentists in USA , , we are just 2 hour flight from Tampa, Florida; our Dental Office is located in Santo Domingo, city center, close to the main University (First of America), in the Dominican Republic.

Many people frequently come from Florida to receive dental treatment, as they can save 50% or more on their dental work, this includes the expenses on the flights and the stay in the hotel. The high cost of living in the United States makes dental treatment really expensive. Here in Dominican Republic our operational cost are lower, therefore we can provide an affordable dental service.

Let us give you a few examples of the most frequent dental treatments, so you can have a clear idea of how much money can be saved.

There is no hidden fee, and before you decide to come we send you an estimate base on the information you can provide us, such as x-rays, pictures and your local dentist treatment plan.

Cost of the most frequent dental treatments

Dental ProceduresApproximate Cost United State

Tampa, Florida

Real Cost in Dominican Republic
Porcelain Crown (fuse to metal)USD$ 1,000.00 +USD$ 280.00
Zirconia  Crown (metal free)USD$ 1,500.00 +USD$ 400.00
Single Dental implant + CrownUSD$ 3,500.00 +USD$ 1,100.00
Root Canal USD$ 1,000.00 +USD$ 300.00

We can assure and provide evidence that our work can be compared to the best dental work you can find in the United States.



We work with dental materials imported from the United States and Europe, in this way we can guarantee our work. As part of our team, we have dental technicians with more than 15 years of experience, and together we have made thousands of dental crowns and beautiful smiles.

For over 8 years people from United States have come in search of  Dr.Florentino’s dental services, since he offers excellence, professionalism, honesty and high quality dental work.

He can be reach at 1-800-506-9826  toll free.


Dr.Florentino DDS, out of Florida Dentist – Affordable Dentistry






Whatsapp: 1-809-873-0117, for a free consultation, estimate, and travel information. 

Website: http://dominicandentist.com/

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Dr.Florentino DDS, Out of Tampa, Florida,  Dentist – Affordable Dentistry just 2 hour flight from Tampa,  Florida