Dental Trip Guide | Hotels in Santo Domingo | Time needed for each dental procedure.

Here is the information patients need to know to get their dental treatment in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Airport information, Hotels and time needed for each dental procedure.


Where to flight?

Santo Domingo City in the Dominican Republic.

Airport Name: Las Americas SDQ

You can pick a taxi there or tell us to send you one, the rate of the city is US$45


Where to stay?

Hotels are 30 minutes from the airport, the rate is from US$55 to US$100.

Here a list of the Hotels In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, so you can pick one.

Hotels 15 minutes from my office in a taxi. (taxi rate is about US$10 one way), this is a tourist place The Colonial Zone, good to walk around.

Hotels in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

1-) Hotel BQ Santo Domingo (5 minutes from my office)

2-) Hotel Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua (10 minutes from my office)


3-) Weston Suites Hotel (10 minutes from my office)


How long should I stay?

Here you can see the time needed for each procedure:

Dental Crowns and Bridge

Number of Dental Crowns to be madeTime Needed
From 1 to 710 Days
From 7 to 1414 Days
From 14 to 2821 Days


Time needed for Dental Implants Procedures.

1-) From 1 to 6 implants  need to be here for 7 days

One implant can be placed in an hour, more than 4 in 2 hours or so, we recommend to our patients to stay at least 3 days after the surgery for a final checkup, and be sure that they can come back home with no problems at all.

2-) 6 implants for one arch (full upper or lower) with temporary or provisional dentures 14 days.

3-) 12 implants for a full mouth with temporary or provisional dentures 21 days.

 For more detail information about dental implants visit our  dental implants website